We all use WhatsApp on various platforms around the world. WhatsApp is the most used social networking messaging app in the market. But still, the official version of the WhatsApp lacks various privacy features which are available in the other modified version of the WhatsApp.

There is a various modded version of WhatsApp available in the market, but the best version of the modified WhatsApp is GB WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp offers various user most wanted features in its app. In this article, we will talk about one of the extra features provided by the GB WhatsApp. MS article we will talk about activating the show always online on GB WhatsApp.

Various features of the GB WhatsApp for Android devices:

These are the few of the features which the GB WhatsApp will be offering in the there modified app of official WhatsApp.

  • Ability to send more than 30 media files all photos at the same time in the GB WhatsApp.
  • Ability to send videos which are more than 30 MB but limited to 50 MB in size.
  • Ability to copy various text statuses and keep it in the keyboard for pasting anywhere else in the device.
  • Ability to translate various languages with the native translator support within the chat inbox of the GB WhatsApp.
  • GB WhatsApp is accessible with multiple languages for Android devices.
  • Ability to download the status of other users using the GB WhatsApp for Android devices.

Steps to enable show always online feature on GB WhatsApp:

Use these following steps enable show always online feature in GB WhatsApp on your Android devices. this feature helps you to stay online without turning on the screen.

  1. Launch the app from the app list of the Android devices.


  1. Now tap on the three vertical dots on the GB WhatsApp to access the menu of the GB WhatsApp.
  2. From drop-down menu of the GB WhatsApp select the GB settings option from there.

  1. On the GB settings page, scroll down to find the Other MODS option.
  2. Tap on the other MODS option to access the extra modification features on GB WhatsApp.

  1. Once the other MODS page opens up, scroll down to find the always online option.

  1. After you find the always online option, check the box beside the always online option to activate it.

  1. Now even if your screen is locked or you have exited the WhatsApp, you will still remain online on the GB WhatsApp.
  2. In case you want to deactivate the always online feature in the GB WhatsApp, you just need to remove the tick from the checkbox decide the always online option.


We have given you the complete guide to enable always online feature in the GB WhatsApp for Android devices. We have researched on the internet about the GB WhatsApp extra features for you. We have also listed the few key features of the GB WhatsApp on Android devices. Share this informative article with other Android users, so that they can also getting hands with this amazing modified WhatsApp available in the market.